9-set Explosion-proof Double Open-end Wrench (Be-Cu)


Guarantee Period: 12 Months

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Product Introduction
It is used to fasten and disassemble hexagonal or square nuts and bolts.Forged with real material. Advantages of forging: high density, good toughness, smooth surface, clear writing, uneasy bending, uneasy rapture, even hardness and longer service life than traditional forging process.
Technical Parameters
Specification of 9-set explosion-proof double open-end wrench: 8x10, 10x12, 12x14, 14x17, 17x19, 19x22, 22x24, 24x27, 30x32mm. Performance detection standard for beryllium bronze explosion-proof tools: 1. No gas explosion in the drop hammer test for 20 times in (21.0±2.0)% hydrogen or no gas explosion after 5 rotating friction tests within 1s in (21.0±2.0)% hydrogen; 2. Standard code: GBExIIC (no substitute products); 3. Hardness: HRC30-40; 4.tensile strength: δb105-120kgf/mm²; 5.Anti-magnetic performance of beryllium bronze explosion-proof tools.
Executive Standard

Warranty Period
12 Months