90-120KW Generator Set


Price :
$ 8,104.48-11,268.66/set

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Product Introduction
1.COMLER90-120KW diesel generator set adopts whole series high-performance COMLER generators with famous-brand diesel engines such as SDEC, Yuchai, Dongkang & Perkins and Deepsea microcomputer control system imported from UK. Its excellent integrated design, production and assembly avoid technical design defect of assembly units and are more in line with international standard technical requirements. 2.Its constant pressure control system and high reduction-oxidation treatment are equipped with high configuration according to international standard 3.It has the characteristics of more convenient operation, higher efficiency, lower oil consumption, longer service life and low-carbon environmental protection.
Technical Parameters
1.Unit conventional power: 90-110KW 2.Fuel type: diesel 3.Oil engine brand: Perkins/Cummins/Yuchai 4.Speed adjustment mode: electronic adjustment/electronic control 5.50HZ rated voltage: 400/230V 6.50HZ rated current: 162-216A 7.Products can be customized according to customer's requirement.