BFD81-K Waterproof Dustproof LED Lamp

Brand: CNYA

Guarantee Period: 60 months from the date of delivery

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Product Introduction
1. Ambient temperature: -25℃~55℃. 2. The height of installation is not more than 2000m. 3. Suitable for the corrosive environment of strong acid, strong alkali, salty, ammonia and chlorine ion. 4. Suitable for oil, chemicals, foods, medicine and warehouse. 5. Mainly used for lighting in workshop and plant house.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated voltage: AC 220V. 2. Light Source: LED. 3. Light source power: 50W, 100W, 150W/180W, 200W, 250W 4. Corrosion-proof level: WF1
Executive Standard
GB7000 GB17743 GB17625

Warranty Period
60 months from the date of delivery