KS021533 Safety Shoes


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Product Introduction
1. The EVA foaming outsole is light, flexible, elastic, difficult to wrinkle, and has excellent dyeing property and suitable for all kinds of climate and absorbing shock absorption performance. 2. Metal materials are used to protect the toe cap and prevent the insole from being penetrated. 3. The high shoes are of soft sandwiched design. 4. Full palm antibacterial deodorant insoles are provided and the heelpieces are added with thickened latex mattresses to guarantee comfort and anti-fatigue effect. 5. The breathable mesh lining can effectively reduce the humidity inside the shoe.
Technical Parameters
1. Material: Wheaten buffalo hide; 2. Leather thickness (rubber outsole) (mm): 1.6-1.8; 3. Technology: Goodyear; 4. Toe cap: steel.
Executive Standard

Warranty Period
6 months from the date of delivery