HSC1-300 AC Contactor


Guarantee Period: 12 months

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Product Introduction
HSC1 series AC contactor has merits including compact structure, small volume, high connecting and breaking capacity, short flashover distance and reliable performance. With various auxiliary functional modules such as auxiliary contact module, mechanical interlocking module, delay module, mechanical locking module, communication interface module and surge suppression module, it can meet the use demands in various occasions. It is an ideal product in electric power system. It can be used to connect or break electric circuits in power systems with AC of 50Hz, rated working voltage of main contact of up to 690V and rated current of up to 800A and can also form a motor protector with appropriate electronic motor protector or thermal overload relay to protect the circuits that may have overload in operation (running).
Technical Parameters
1. Rated insulation voltage: 690V; 2. IP grade: IP30; 3. Pollution grade: 3; 4. Installation type: III; 5. Auxiliary contact: The type and quantity of the auxiliary contact can be customized.
Executive Standard
IEC60947-4 GB14048.4

Warranty Period
12 months