HSL2-100 M Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker


Guarantee Period: 12 months

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Product Introduction
HSL2 series residual current operated circuit Breaker is suitable for infrequent conversion of AC 50Hz, rated insulation voltage 690V, rated voltage 400V or below, rated current up to 10-800A circuits and for protection of electric shock and equipment electric leakage. It also can prevent damage of for the insulation of the equipment which may lead to ground fault and then cause the fire danger. The breaker also can be used for the occasional shift of opening/closing of line and motor (630A or below), and when overload or short circuit fault occurs in circuit or motor, it can automatically protect and cut off the circuit. There are transparent and non-transparent circuit breakers and the transparent type can be clearly seen the internal structure of the switch, greatly improving reliability and safety.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated impact withstand voltage: 8000V; 2. IP grade: IP30; 3. Pollution grade: 3; 4. Installation type: III; 5. Number of poles: 3/4 optional; 6. Action current: 100mA/200mA/300mA (100A/250A housing), 100mA/300mA/500mA (400A/630A housing).
Executive Standard
IEC60947-2; GB14048.2

Warranty Period
12 months