HSM1-250 H Plastic Housing Circuit Breaker


Guarantee Period: 12 months

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Product Introduction
The main technical performance of HSM1 series plastic shell circuit breaker is advanced. It has the advantages of compact structure, small size, high breaking capacity of short circuit, zero arcing, modular installation of the internal attachment, and a terminal shield used to enhance safety. It is suitable for low-voltage grids of AC 50Hz, rated insulation voltage 800V (HSM1-63 rated insulation voltage 690V), rated working voltage 690V and below and rated current 10~ 800A for distributing electric energy and infrequent closing and disconnecting under normal use conditions, and for protection the lines and equipment from overload, short circuit, and under-voltage. The circuit breaker with the rated shell rating voltage at 400A and below can also be used for infrequent starting and in-operation breaking of squirrel cage motors and for protecting the motor from overload, short circuit, and under-voltage.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated impact withstand voltage: 8000V; 2. Protection grade: IP30; 3. Protection grade: 3; 4. Installation type: III; 5. Number of poles: 2/3/4 optional.
Executive Standard
IEC60947-2; GB14048.2

Warranty Period
12 months