HSM1Z-160 M Intelligent Plastic Housing Circuit Breaker


Guarantee Period: 12 months

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Product Introduction
HSM1Z series plastic shell circuit breaker is suitable for low-voltage grids of AC 50Hz, rated insulation voltage 800V, rated working voltage 690V and below and rated current 40 ~ 1250A for distributing electric energy and infrequent closing and disconnecting under normal use conditions, and for protection the lines and equipment from overload, short circuit, grounding faults, and under-voltage. The circuit breaker with the rated shell rating voltage at 400A and below can also be used for infrequent starting and in-operation breaking of squirrel cage motors and for protecting the motor from overload, short circuit, and under-voltage. The breaker by intelligent controller type is divided into two types, i.e., M and H. Apart from overload long delay, short circuit short delay, and short-circuit instantaneous protection and grounding fault protection, the protected current and operating time can be set as well. H-type circuit breaker is also added with communicable function and computer networking to realize remote control, remote adjustment, remote measurement, and remote signaling.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated impact withstand voltage: 8000V; 2. Protection grade: IP30; 3. Protection grade: 3; 4. Installation type: III; 5. Number of poles: 3/4 optional.
Executive Standard
IEC60947-2; GB14048.2

Warranty Period
12 months