HSW6-2500 H68 Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker


Guarantee Period: 12 months

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Product Introduction
HSW6 series intelligent universal circuit breaker is suitable for distribution of electrical energy and protection of circuits and electric power equipment from overload, underload, short circuit, single-phase grounding, and other failures in the power distribution networks of AC 50 Hz, rated voltage 690V and belt, rated current 8000A and below. The circuit breaker adopts a full-featured intelligent controller with precise selective protection, which is especially suitable for distribution networks that need to improve the reliability of power supply and avoid unnecessary power outage. At the same time, it has an open communication interface which can be used for remote signaling, remote measurement, remote control, and remote adjustment to meet the control center and automation system requirements. Circuit breakers with rated current 630A and below can also be used in AC 50Hz, 690V networks to provide overload, short circuit, phase loss, under-voltage, and grounding fault protection for motors. They can also be used for infrequent starting of motors under normal conditions.
Technical Parameters
1. Intelligent controller: L66 type - current columnar display, stepped dial adjustment, four sections protection; M66 and M68 types - liquid crystal display, stepless button adjustment, four sections protection; H66 and H68 types - liquid crystal display, stepless button adjustment and communications, four sections protection; P68 type: liquid crystal display, stepless button adjustment and communications, four sections protection, and grid parameter measurement; 2. Protection grade: IP30; 3. Protection grade: 3; 4. Use type: B.
Executive Standard
IEC60947-2; GB14048.2

Warranty Period
12 months