Metric Multi-function Large-opening Plastic-handle Monkey Spanner


Guarantee Period: One year from the date of delivery

Price :
$ 3.21-7.24/Box

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Product Introduction
1. It is a patented product; 2. The spanner is completely made of high-quality alloy steel via forging; 3. Its high-precision nuts open and close freely; 4. The laser pointer on the mouth is easy to use; 5. The plastic handle is made of non-toxic material in line with EU standards; 6. There are spline-shaped holes in the tail which can substitute for the spline end spanners of the same spec.; 7. Its surface has gone through the nickel iron treatment; 8. Its two plastic handles are comfortable to grip.
Technical Parameters
1. Specifications (mm): 150-300; 2. Total length (mm): 160-310; 3. Opening amount (mm): 24-41; 4. Material: alloy steel.
Executive Standard
Enterprise Standard

Warranty Period
One year from the date of delivery