Permanent Magnetic Variable Frequency Oil Injiected Air Compressor


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$ 5,898.22-14,144.94/set

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Product Introduction
Technical Parameters
1.Air Delivery: 0.56-30.55; 2.Compressor Outlet Pipe Diameter: G1-G2, DN50-80; 3.Compressor Lubricated Oil Volume (L): 19-120; 4.Compressor Air Delivery Control Method: 0-100% Automatically Control; 5.Compressor Max Working Ambient Temperature (℃): 45℃; 6.Motor Rated Outlet Power (KW): 18.5-160; 7.Motor Voltage (V) / Frequency (HZ): 380/50/60; 8.Motor Type: Semi-closed IP23; 9.Motor Starting Method: Variable Frequency Starting; 10.Cooler Fan Power (KW): 0.25-2.2x2; 11.Cooler Exhaust Air Volume (m³/min): 50-650;
Executive Standard
JB/T6430-2014 Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor for General UseGB19153-2009 Minimum Allowable Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Displacement Air Compressors