TY809LED Multi-functional Portable Work Light


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Product Introduction
I. Scope of application: this product is applicable to electric power, firefighting, railway, military and other industries. II. Product features: 1. The shell made of metal structure is reliable and durable as a whole. The surface is anti-corrosive and electrostatically sprayed. 2. The transparent parts made of high-strength tempered glass through special treatment have achieved excellent anti-dazzle effect. 3. With an advanced optical software used for light distribution design, the light beams are uniform and the brightness is high. 4. Adopt LED light source of international famous brand with high luminous efficiency and low light failure, and a long service life of 100,000 hours. 5. Self-designed special LED control circuit guarantees stable and reliable performance. 6. Wide voltage power input, AC/DC power supply within 85V~264V. 7. Compared with conventional incandescent lamps of the same power, the product can save 80% of energy, truly realizing green lighting. 8. The base has strong magnetic absorption, power display and other functions.
Technical Parameters
1. Protection level: IP66; 2. Anti-corrosion level: WF2; 3. Power of lamp: 18W LED; 5. Continuous working hours: 50h for working light.
Executive Standard
IEC 60598-1-2014 IEC 60598-2-1:2014

Warranty Period
12 months from the date of delivery