TY819B Glare Working Floodlight


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Product Introduction
I. Scope of application: this product is applicable to outdoor lighting for flood fighting, sudden repair and night engineering; electric power, firefighting, railway, military and other industries. II. Product features: 1. Lamp panel is equipped with 2 HID projection lamps and both lamp caps can be horizontally and vertically adjusted. 2. The lamp panel can also use the telescopic pole as the axis for 360° horizontal rotation to meet the needs of a wide range of lighting at the construction site. 3. It is a special rail lighting lamp for railway construction with high brightness, strong focusing performance and long irradiation distance. 4. The lamp base is equipped with a powerful magnet, which can firmly attach the lamp onto the rail for long-distance linear lighting. 5. Three sections of telescopic rods are used to lift and adjust the height of the lamps. This can be manually done and the maximum lifting height is 2.8m. 6. When the generator is used for power supply, it can work continuously for more than 6h once the generator is filled with fuel oil; when 220V electric supply is used for power supply, it can work continuously for a long time. 7. The lamp is composed of two parts, i.e. a lamp base and a generator stand, which are light as a whole and easy to be operated, assembled, disassembled and moved. 8. The light is made of high-quality metal materials, compact, stable, and capable of ensuring normal operation under all kinds of harsh environment. III. Use methods: 1. Place the generator on a relatively flat ground and press the buckle on the universal wheel to ensure it does not roll. 2. Install the telescopic gas rod and lamp panel separately and secure them with fastening bolts. 3. Connect corresponding aviation sockets according to the identification on the lamp panel. 4. Please follow the instructions from the original factory to operate the generator. 5. Start the generator set and insert the power plug on the electrical box into corresponding socket of the generator set to turn on the light; switch off the start switch on the generator set to turn off the light and shut down the generator set. 6. Insert the 2-core power plug of the rail lighting lamp into the 12V output socket of the generator set to enable the rail lighting lamp; a powerful magnet is mounted on the base of the rail lighting lamp, which can firmly attach the lamp onto the rail, and arbitrarily adjust the direction of irradiation. 7. turn off the generator set after use. If it is necessary to disassemble the lamp and box it, simply unscrew the manual bolts at the bottom of the cylinder clamp and separate the cylinder from the generator bracket, remove the lamp panel, and pull out the aviation plug.
Technical Parameters
1. Protection grade: IP65; 2. Corrosion-proof level: WF2; 3. Power of lamp: 2×300W halogen tungsten lamp; 4. Lifting height: 2.8m.
Executive Standard
IEC 60598-1-2014 IEC 60598-2-1:2014

Warranty Period
12 months from the date of delivery