TY820LED Emergency Repair Lamp


Guarantee Period: 12 months from the date of delivery

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Product Introduction
I. Scope of application: this product is applicable to outdoor lighting for flood fighting, sudden repair and night engineering; electric power, firefighting, railway, military and other industries. II. Product features: 1. It is designed strictly in accordance with explosion-proof standards, and can be safely used in flammable and explosive places. 2. The car body and electrical box are made of high-quality metal materials, which is solid and reliable. They have compact structures and the surface is applied with anti-corrosion electrostatic spraying. 3. High-performance maintenance-free batteries with long cycle life make the service safe and reliable. 4. The lamps have soft light and long irradiation distance and its illumination angle can be adjusted in a wide range according to the demands of the site. 5. International advanced LED light source adopted, low energy consumption and long service life up to 100000 hours. 6. Self-designed special LED control circuit guarantees stable and reliable performance. 7. Good sealing performance, protection grade up to IP66. 8. The lamp pole is designed for lifting and lowering. The lifting stroke is 1.2m~2m, and it can be reliably fixed at any height within the stroke. III. Use methods: 1. Drag the trolley to the work site and press the brake pads of the frame universal wheel to prevent the trolley from sliding. 2. Connect the power plug to the battery box power outlet socket. 3. Rotate the switch knob on the side of the electrical box to turn on/ off the lamp. 4. Adjust the pitch angle of the lamp cap according to the demands of on-site work to cast light onto the desired work area. 5. Loosen the quincunx handle on the lamp connector, and the lamp cap can be raised to 2.8m. Lock the quincunx handle to ensure the lamp cap is firmly positioned. 6. After the work is completed, turn the switch knob back to the closed state and turn off the lamp. 7. Slowly release the quincunx handle and drop the lamp cap down to the lowest position and lock the quincunx handle. 8. Open the brake pads of the frame universal wheel, drag the lamps to the storage position, press the brake pads, and lock the universal wheel.
Technical Parameters
1. Protection grade: IP65; 2. Corrosion-proof level: WF2; 3. Power of lamp: 72W; 4. Lifting height: 1.5-2.5m; 5. Continuous working hours: 10h.
Executive Standard
IEC 60598-1-2014 IEC 60598-2-1:2014

Warranty Period
12 months from the date of delivery