Wrench, Striking Open (Be-Cu)


Guarantee Period: One year after leaving the factory

Price :
$ 13.82-429.76/bag

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Product Introduction
Application: It is used to disassemble/fasten larger hex bolts/nuts with a fitter's hammer. Advantages: It is made of genuine material with forging technology. Features of forged products: High density, high toughness, smooth surface and clear letters; rigid, strong and consistent in thickness; longer service life than cast parts; Performance testing standard of Be-Cu non-sparking tools: 1. Expose it to (21.0±2.0)% hydrogen, 20 times of drop weight test causes no explosion; or expose it to (21.0±2.0)% hydrogen, 5 times of rotating friction test within 1 second causes no exlosion; 2. Standard code: GBExⅡC (no substitute) ; 3. Hardness: HRC30-40; 4. Tensile strength: δb105-120kgf/mm²; 5. Be-Cu non-sparking tools are antimagnetic.
Technical Parameters
1. Spec. : 17-110mm; 2. Length: 125-513mm; 3. Weight: 0.15-13.5; 4. Material: Be-Cu alloy.
Executive Standard
DIN 133

Warranty Period
One year after leaving the factory